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Barcode Scanners

Our Zebra Barcode Scanning range of products have 50 years of field-proven innovation behind them, developed to capture data with unmatched abilities, delivering options for every purpose and price point.

Barcode Scanners

Zebra Barcode Scanners’ scanning abilities include scanning dirty, damaged barcodes, surviving harsh work environments and helping streamline the day-to-day management of your products and services.

Zebra Barcode Scanners can anticipate every challenge, they will can scan anything, anywhere, no matter what. You can consistently capture data with unmatched abilities developed and continuously refined by our partner with more than 50 years of field-proven innovation, delivering Barcode Scanning options for every purpose and price point.

Barcode Scanning Product Range

The scanning abilities of the Zebra range of Barcode Scanners are unmatched in the industry. The ability to scan dirty, damaged barcodes, survive harsh work environments and streamline day-to-day management. Zebra anticipates every challenge so you can scan anything, anywhere, no matter what

General Purpose Scanners

Our general-purpose barcode scanners are designed to meet a wide range of scanning needs, applications and budgets.

Ultra-Rugged Scanners

Meet the line of corded and cordless ultra-rugged barcode scanners that defined the market - establishing new standards for rugged design, scanning performance and manageability.

Healthcare Barcode Scanners

Improve patient safety and increase caregiver productivity with our healthcare barcode scanners — designed specifically for hospitals and healthcare providers.

In-Counter Barcode Scanners

Deliver a superior checkout experience for cashiers and shoppers in high volume cashier-manned and self-checkout POS lanes with the MP7000 multi-plane 1D/2D imager. With the optional color camera, you can develop exciting new applications that deliver major business benefits.

Companion Barcode Scanners

Zebra's series of companion scanners enables enterprises to easily implement 1D/2D barcode scanning where mobility is needed most.

Fixed Mount Scanners

Zebra's family of fixed mount barcode scanners enables high-performance, hands-free scanning in zero-footprint applications. These devices can be integrated into a wide variety of products or used standalone.

Fixed Industrial Scanners

Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners provide trusted decode performance to automatically track and trace items from production through distribution. Identify every part and package with a model for every application, and upgradeable features allow you to meet the evolving needs of your business.

Mobile Terminals

Combines advanced 1D or 2D barcode scanning with the ability to key in and view data.

DataCapture DNA Scanners

Go beyond the barcode with intelligence that simplifies the entire scanning experience.

Your Support & Maintenance Partner

At MB Barcode, we provide a range of support and maintenance solutions; from choosing the best products for your application to a comprehensive support and service system, we have you covered.

Installation & On-Site Service Contracts

We provide on-site printer repair and service contracts for all makes and models of our barcode scanners, label printing and mobile computer ranges, contact us for more information

Warranty Repair Centre & Workshop Repairs

We provide expert repair services from our internal workshop providing the most cost-effective solution for less time-critical repairs and printer services.

Project Support Solutions

Our highly experienced team of Business Development Managers will work with you to find the best solution for your business and applications.

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Contact MB Barcode to discuss our products and services; our experts are on hand to help.

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